Why Hollywood Hasn't Left Taylor Momsen

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From together inside Starring Jim Carrey in a live-action version of Dr. Seuss' how the Grinch stole Christmas to keep her next to Blake Lively in the cop press, Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen was on her way to becoming a Hollywood Lister.However, like many children of the stars, it seems Momsen exploded before she had a chance to prove herself. Let's look at the reasons why these days, Momsen can only be found on stage, not on screen.

Her breakthrough role branded her

Cindy Lou Who ? It may be hard to believe, but rebellious, eyeliner dressed in rock stars you know today how Taylor Momsen played the mini-heroine, Cindy Lou Village, in Grincha, which stole Christmas in 2000. It was Momsen's breakthrough role and certainly one of her most notable roles in her short Hollywood career. Like a little blond-haired, blue-eyed Cindy Lou, she was the epitome of innocence and all that is good and right from the world at Christmas. The branded role was then still 7-year-old Momsen as America's darling and good girls who couldn't be wrong.

From that moment, Momsen was primarily cast in the roles that presented her in the "good girl" light. She went on to play the daughter of the President of the United States in the children of spies 2: Island of unfulfilled hopes and even turned out to be one of the best choices for the role of Hannah Montana.

In 2007, Momsen was thrown as a sweet, girl-by-the-door, Jenny Humphrey, into a gossip . However, season after season, the Momsen character began to act, well, from the character - about the same time as Momsen herself began the transformation of species. Jenny Humphrey, affectionately called little Jay, threw her home dress and ribbons for platinum hair and thick arrows. Around this time, the show runners decided it was time for little Jay to have a reduced role on the hit show. It seems that the audience was not enthusiastic about Momsen, trying to break out of the mold. Hollywood rejected it.

Even when they offered rides as their favorite character in the classic Christmas movie, along with the Hollywood celebrity, Momsen is still not just focusing on her responsibilities. She must show how she sings chops in How the Grinch stole Christmas, sings "where are you, Christmas." You probably won’t catch Momsen and her rock band, rather recklessly, releasing one like today. Kindly visit this link for useful reference:  cindy lou who hair

However, Momsen is clearly still looking back on his music career with love, and she tweeted a video in which she sang “where are you, Christmas” from the movie in December 2015, writing that “this is that time of year again ... everyone is happy , 2016 will be filled with new music. ”

Who knows, maybe Momsen planned her departure to the world of music long before Hollywood suspected.

Despite casting in famous films and television shows like the Grinch Christmas Thief, the children of spies and Gossips, these roles are pretty much Momsen's acting career. Between a series of unventilated WBs and several small movie roles, there is not much to be said for the renewal of former actresses. Maybe landing on the role of Hannah Montana would not have started Momsen’s career in another direction, or perhaps she would have simply swapped Miley Cyrus on the list of dubious Disney role models.

It is possible that Hollywood was not knocking the door Momsen, because they never saw huge potential for a start. At this point, not even gossip, the girl herself can give Momsen a round of applause, which she should do in Hollywood.

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